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Artist: S.A.M. (@)
Title: Destruction Unit
Format: CD
Label: ProNoize / Dark Dimensions (@)
Distributor: Broken Silence
Rated: *****
The German brother duo of SAM has been surely the biggest surprise of the ProNoize label during the last year. Their unexpected success with their self-titled debut and the still good call after them at the DJ’s made it possible that Joel and Daniel Meyer have reached a higher attention level internationally. "Destruction Unit" is their second album and picks up globally the chosen path of the debut. This album once again clocks over 70 minutes and smashes 12 original and 5 additional remix contributions into the arena. Once again a mouthwatering mixture between TBM, Tekkno, Industrial and Noise for the Hard-Tec-addicts, since the brothers Meyer (...without any relationship to Daniel Myer of DESTROID, by the way...) attract some tortured bodies with an ultimately speedy onslaught. "Pushing the masses to the dancefloors", that could be an additional sub-title for "Destruction Unit" and this even gets accomplished with the chosen remix contributors like C/A/T, SOMAN, REAPER, MODULATE and XOTOX. And comparable to their debut, the only point of criticism is once again the fact, that also "Destruction Unit" lacks of a musically more demanding piece. 70 minutes + of 4/4-on-the-floor harsh and snatching Industrial dance music can be strenuous, if you decide to sit still while trying to pick up the details of their arrangements. Sitting still? Huh? Nah, that’s quite impossible – but also the sense of this release. New food for some mad dance moves, this "Destruction Unit" destroys any moment of silence.

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