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Artist: Xotox (@)
Title: Hyperactive
Format: CD
Label: Vendetta Music (@)
Distributor: KGD Media
Rated: *****
After having stopped all business relations with their own sub-division E.A.R. and the rather old-school EBM-like music orientation, the Denver-based label Vendetta-Music nowadays concentrates to offer the still up-to-date Hard-Tech/Industrial/rhythmically Powernoise formula. For this they could arrange a fine license deal with the German Dark Dimensions label group and are now able to offer a sort of "Best of"-album providing by one of the leaders of this genre, the German one-man project XOTOX. Exclusively licensed for the North-American market, "Hyperactive" offers 17 tracks, which compiles the most important tracks and club hits of Andreas David taken from his long out-of-print albums like "Die Unruhe" or "PSI". World-wide renowned club smasher tracks like "Eisenkiller", "Mechanische Unruhe", "Nasse Wände", "Industrial Madness" or "Winterblut" are featured here and should be able to appeal all fans in America. Important to mention is also the fact, that this album offers two unreleased tracks named "Offizium" and "Degeneration", which makes this release quite attractive also for the European die-hard fans to invest some extra bugs for an import. Also featured is a remix by NOISUF-X on "Lass Mich" with some speeding Techno-bass lines. As expected for this compilation, this one features the typically Harsh-Industrial-Tech oriented side of Andreas, the kind which finally brought him success and attention. But you won’t find any hints of the rather subtle elements taken from his last studio album "In Den Zehn Morgen", which of course remains Andreas’ best and most valuable work so far. However, "Hyperactive" offers a satisfying overview on all important tracks of XOTOX, while you shouldn’t at all miss the last album too.

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