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Artist: C/A/T (@)
Title: The Great Crisis
Format: CD EP
Label: Crunch Pod Media (@)
Distributor: CD Baby
Rated: *****
This new C/A/T-EP release has been announced earlier this year as being the debut of Ben Arp’s new side-project 51X, but at least this one comes out under the C/A/T moniker. If this has been done out of financially reasons doesn’t really matter, but since this one has been originally announced as a side-project, it may offers a slight different musically outfit. Indeed, although this EP comes out straight and 4/4-oriented, it still offers so much more elements, effects and samples in the arrangements to keep the music more fresh and interesting compared to several colleagues. This EP consists of 4 new instrumental tunes from which each is available in 2 different versions, but they can hardly be recognized as being the same tracks. This stuff is pretty much dedicated to C/A/T-fans of the earlier days, the music reminds on the instrumental, but harder minded moments of "AFT" for example. There’s too an additional track aptly entitled "End Of Recording", which only works as a short interruption to the unlisted 10th track "The Of The Great Crisis". There seems to be a constant concept behind this release, since an extra website ( and a hidden link printed on a card got included. Following this pass-worded link you’re reaching a secret area, where you are able to download 4 additional tracks of an online-only EP "At Peace" in a high mp3-quality and/or loss-less FLAC format. So this is the first part of an ongoing conceptual release, but the second, a new full length-album, seems to be in preparation too. The stuff featured on this EP is well-done enough to keep the curiosity high, how and in which C/A/T likes to continue.

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