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Artist: 2000 AND ONE
Title: Neverending Cycle
Format: 12"
Label: Eevo Lute Muzique
Rated: *****
With a completely restored and re-mastered audio, refaces from the vaults of Eevo Lute a 2000 And One E.P. originally released in 1992 titled NEVERENDING CYCLE. Formed in 1989 by Dylan Hermelijn and Daniel (Dj Dano) their sound was more into acid music (see their first E.P. titled "2000 and One - The Sound of Planet Earth"). For their second one they refined their sound as NEVERENDING CYCLE is more in touch with Detroit techno and ambient. Containing four tracks the E.P. spans from the minimal but energetic dark atmospheres of "Line dimension", a catchy techno acid tune that will catch even a casual listener. "Mono bass" has a quieter atmosphere but under the ashes the fire is still alive as it sounds a little ambient but still with a lot of techcno arrangements. "Geometric nature" with a different drum set could be a great electro pop tune (it's melody could be good for a catchy Human League song) but 2000 And One opted for an acid analog drum sound and ambient pads on the background (it sounds nice anyway). "Fokuz" closes the 12" and its drum is 100% Detroit techno while the synths are more ambient thanks to a light sytnh pad melody. On its final part an acid sound (it seems a TR303) jams creating a particular ambience.

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