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Title: The Mighy Machine
Format: CD
Label: Dominance Electricity (@)
Rated: *****
Taking inspiration from the 80’s Miami Bass and West Coast Electro Funk sounds the Dynamik Bass System project took form on 1990 as a one-man project by German electro producer Thomas Werner. Taking other people on board, Dynamik Bass System released the first 12" E.P. in 1998 on International Deejay Gigolo Records (on this release you can find the final mix of "Arabian dreams" and "Electronic"). During the next ten years they released only two 12"s "Don't stop compute" (you can find here the main track) and "Robotmachine". Presented with a nice comic heavy metal style cover (great idea the keyboard/music system robotic skull) THE MIGHTY MACHINE is the sum of all these years and contains twelve tracks ("Electronic" and "We are binary - but we have human needs" are exclusive to the CD edition of the album) of which six unreleased ones that will amaze the lovers of classics such as Arabian Prince (you can find here a DBS remix of his "Innovator") and Egyptian Lover. Roland TR808 sounds, vocals filtered using vocoders, pumping rhythms, mysterious atmospheres and middle eastern melodies are the key features of this release that every electro funk lover won't miss.

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