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Title: In The Cube
Format: CD
Label: Rage In Eden (@)
Rated: *****
With the latest releases Rage In Eden is confirming their high standards and this first Compulsive Shopping Disorder is the proof. Looking at their past catalog I had the feeling that Marcin and Robert were aiming to widen even more the sound offer of their label as already releases like the ones of The Well Of Sadness, Ad Ombra, Outofsight or Inner Vision Laboratory were different from the consolidated industrial/martial/dark ambient genre. Compulsive Shopping Disorder as well as the second chapter of the Rukkanor's "Despartica" series brings to the audience's attention 80's atmospheres with electronic sounds. IN THE CUBE is a solid album of electronic cold wave where the seven tracks are able to make you fluctuating between razor like sounds, bleeps, synth pads and detached vocals. Lyrics paint a depressing scenario where the sense of solitude and loss (well represented by the graphics/photos of the three panels of the digipack) describe the uncertainty of these decades. Adding a bit of early e.b.m. attitude on a couple of tracks but keeping a minimal approach on the use of their electronic instruments for all the tracks of the album, Compulsive Shopping Disorder convinced me and if you are into early Kirlian Camera you must check them.

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