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Artist: After Chain (@)
Title: Void
Format: CD EP
Rated: *****
It's been five years now since After Chain release a cd. And now this one woman electronic/industrial act is back with a new cd ep featuring remixes. Aunia Kahn, the woman behind the music, sings with beauty and passion with animosity, but not too cold with it. Her voice glides smoothly effortless over the synths and electronic percussion. This talented Detroit native who resides in Chicago is definitely a flashy new born rising star. She's the brainstorm child of industrial music when making her own. The original track "Undisturbed" and a Renegade of Noise Remix track by Daniel Myer structured to parallel one will stop at nothing to let the other person to kill her. The female victim lets the killer know and to keep that in mind.

"Corporate Loss" is about the government and its agencies has lost its power. As we live in the US, our nation is sinking deeply in economy and financial crisis, banks filing bankruptcy and people are losing their homes and jobs. This track is an excellent theme for this situation we're suffering in. The track also includes a remix by Razed in Black. "Burnt Fuel" have two remixes; the infectious techno-ish groove style Zero S Mix by John Zero and the Neo Land Mix.

Then we come to the final song closing out the cd with an industrial harsh vocal track "You Broke It". A sheer of mild angry Aunia letting out her dramatic aggression format of emotions to get her point across. A can of whip ass appeal is what you will get if you think you're bad when messing with Ms. Kahn. Aunia is Aeon Flux in the 21st century who's very challenging, creative and motivated.

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