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Artist: NADIA SOHAEI (@)
Title: Talking To Myself
Format: CD
Label: Decadance Records (@)
Distributor: Nova
Rated: *****
Actually this is the CD I preferred of the new lot of Decadance Records' new releases. Classical pianist and mezzo soprano singer, Nadia Sohaei collaborated in the mid 90's with Trans-X and then started to compose soundtracks under her name and then with the Thai-Essence moniker. The solo project and TALKING TO MYSELF started to take form with the help of Nik Wejedal who joined her in 2007. Mixing orchestral arrangements, synthpop melodies and bumping rhythms Nadia Sohaei is able to convince electro pop lovers thanks to her vocal abilities and also thanks to the personal mixture of decadent atmospheres and electronic catchy sounds. Mid tempo seducing atmospheres and danceable tunes alternates creating a nice mix. Blinking an eye to the lovers of modern synthpop with electro e.b.m. influences (see Ashbury Heights) Nadia Sohaei adds to the palette her classical past experiences and a touch of drama that help spicing up the formula.

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