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Title: Simple Work
Format: CD
Label: KMT Records (@)
Rated: *****
Despite the cover (which didn't give me the idea of the music) Seven Octaves' album SIMPLE WORK amazed me thanks to its freshness and to its particular mix of techno and 70s electronic music. If you are old enough to remember or if you are a young electronic music freak who likes to dig into the shelves of old dusty record stores (if there are any left), you'll remember those records that mixed jazz, classical and ambient music, everything performed with analog synthesizers. Well, Seven Octaves (a.k.a. Kenny MacKenzie) has the same attitude of those records but he adds also nowadays techno sounds/rhythms and a little experimentation (like on "Phone thing") with melodies that sometimes could sound naive but that express a joy of playing that will affect you. His jazz pianist activity is also showing its influence on his style and on tracks like "Tussle in B minor" or the opening "A minor is such a lovely key" you'll find yourself asking: "are these modern remixes of old Goblin's tunes?".

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