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Artist: Attacks The Darkness (@)
Title: I Am The Gatekeeper
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: self-released
Distributor: iTunes, Napster, etc...
Rated: *****
This is a California-based Electronica/Experimental solo-project by David Inden, who releases under his moniker ATTACKS THE DARKNESS his first full-length album after his predecessor EP entitled "Six Times Seven". David’s music isn’t that sort of an easy-listening Electronica with a calm attitude, it rather integrates multiple fragments out of quite different music styles and it tends to mix this fragments in an at times obscure manner. It is definitely rhythmic oriented, but a quite unusual sonic experience which needs some more spins to find an assessable entrance for the listener. Electronica, Experimental, Ambient and/or Electro/Industrial styles can all be discovered here, but in a quite unusual style. Advantageous is the fact that David don’t likes to explore a one-dimensional path of music, and as the info sheet to this album explains it wisely, "ATTACKS THE DARKNESS attempts to map the ever expanding soundscape that is on repeat in his (David’s) brain." Therefore it is hard to name some favorites, but the gloomy Dark Ambient-tune with the delicious title "There Is A Body In My Freezer And I Don’t Have Any Answers" gets a vote from me. Music for some open-minded Electronica music fans, in some parts compatible with some acts signed Tympanik Audio and/or Hymen. Available via several known online downloading retailers like iTunes,, Napster, etc...

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