Music Reviews

Artist: Anders manga
Title: X's and the Eyes
Format: CD
Label: Vampture records
Distributor: Released in ITunes-CdBaby-Amazon
An horror addicted artist, his songs and world, see videos, are totally devoted to horror icons. And that's good for me. The first track invades space with New Wave synth envelopes and a New Wave voice, the track giving the title of the work, X's and the Eyes is more "brutal" and in my opinion effective. The electronic pattern and sounds played are not the newest but for sure they achieve the best result. Reading among lines Anders takes a relevant parts in USA horror community and he sings for them focusing icons and symbols of "Vampires community". There will be Blood, numb5 track, continues the path of New Wave but the seventh increase pressure and sound aggression, my favorite track of the album. Fade to Black is another track that speed up the Wave path with loops and electronic noisy percussion. The last chapter is a ballade about war, occupation and the meaning of the terms: enemy.

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