Music Reviews

Artist: MONO INC. (@)
Title: Pain,Love & Poetry
Format: CD
Label: NoCut
Distributor: Twilight Distribution
Rated: *****
My favourite tracks of this work: Sleeping my day away and Planet Shame. Mono Inc. works with great passion and emphasis in the domain of the romantic/dark content. The lead vocals, Martin Engler, plays some rules of the great NOMI, and the deepness of his voice fits perfectly the content of his poetry. The themes they like : love, torment, torture of feelings and sleep put the band in the same territory defined by romanticism but also surrealism. The image of Mono Inc. is rich and well designed, every pixel is under control and their skills and live performance are powerful. I surely think that those tracks are ready to be used in horror movies about vampires bloody and dramatic loves stories. Last note: the synths pads are really nice and are one of the back bones of the tracks.

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