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Title: faint
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
This cd starts moving really slowly and silently presenting some soft improvisative puzzle game, but after the hesitant introduction it evolves almost immediately into a modern free-impro with many jazz/contemporary music reminiscences. That was a quite obvious thing to be said I know, but consider the piano is quite central in the economy of this double cd, in some sketches we can even dare to say it’s the main color, don’t worry we’ve no demonic player a la Petrucciani but Rebelo has a big weight in the majority of the track here contained. Hard for me to say if all this double cd accomplish the hardly reachable result to be "hella catchy" from the very beginning to the last track, but thanks to the great amount of material despite the strong character of the trio, you’ll slowly find they’ve been quite varied sacrificing their musical ego for the common cause. Regardless of what I wrote before, here the piano is the driver, there at the driver’s place seats the saxophone, here they’ve been really soft, there they’ve been pushing the keys of their instruments. Ok you always have that barely pronounced strangulated sounds that turned into Creative Sources’ own trademark but what surprised me the most is how Steve Davis have been able to keep far away from banging the drum: if we cannot speak about a Taku Sagimoto approach to the drums, he’s by the way one of the most silent drummer I’ve ever heard in my whole life. This Faint first cd doesn’t betray the average sound that characterized Creative Sources so far but it would be too reductive to cut it short here. According to my opinion is the second cd the one that presents the majority of the best materials, I think on the second cd they’ve been able to go deeper into their combination, electro-acoustic on the second cd has become nothing but a color with which they’ve been decorating the tracks. In between visible and invisible structure in the filling the blank process, where pause gain the same importance of played chords, there you’ll find lot of the intensity of these three performers. In many tracks they’ve been playing the piano pretty unconventionally, it all reminded me of one of those prepared pianos a la Cage just a bit more trapped into a patient improvisation where every note is left alone just when it’s the proper time to go. Nice cd above all in its most relaxed tracks.

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