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Title: For Greater Good
Format: CD
Rated: *****
Mixing elements of neo-classical, post industrial, dark ambient and neo-folk music For Greater Good are presenting their first full length album which contains ten tracks. Created as a sort of soundtrack for nowadays life the album succeeds into spanning through different kind of feelings using for each track a different approach. If "Distress" has an electro industrial rhythmic section combined with neo-classical strings, "Rush hour" is a melancholic piano ballad with vocals, orchestral inserts and traffic noises. "Le judgement de roi en jaune" has dark melodies and neo-classical elements while the following "De to fabula narratur"is based on ambient synth sounds, light choirs and electro-industrial rhythms. The closing "The mechanist", instead, changes everything by presenting a piano/orchestral suite that recalled me the Wim Mertens tracks. If you want to try a different approach to the aforementioned musical genres try For Greater Good.

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