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Title: None
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Eh? (@)
Rated: *****
It took me a while to review, but it was worth the wait, infact a good record is still a good record after a while..sometimes that’s not the way it is, you’re right, above all when coming down to genres like electronics which really linked to the sound... but this really far from electronics. Man's Last Great Invention share much more with psychedelia than many other bands using drones and feedbacks, do to the lo-fi nature of this recording and to the really good quality of the music they reminded me a lot of an underrated band from the not so recent K records catalogue, I’m talking about Yume Bitsu (..hey after having wrote their name I’ve discovered I’ve just one of their 4 releases, shame on me). The band was somehow Kranky oriented but more minimal, more punky and if you ask me these characteristics are quite similar to MLGI, in someway the fact they’re on this subsidiary label of Public Eyesore can confirm my opinion, but I repeat: the comparison to such a good band as Yume Bitsu is much than deserved. The package in someway follows the recording and is quite minimal but equally as good and after drone music had become in someway quite popular they’ve gained enough point to go and break your money-pig to give em some money. Differently from other releases on Eh? Label, this one is not "anal" and hyper-cerebral but is much more accessible... maybe it will lead also some inveterate freaks into some new kinds of psychedelia. While the recording is rough but expressive the only possible remark is that concerning the division of this whole session in tracks, ok, they probably did it to help the listener have some rest during this trippy listening, but this’ nothing but a long session and also well done, therefore there’s no need to cut it... if the dear 2008-listener can’t take the time to listen to a long session, well he or she can go fuck himself (freak power!...or "grind finale"! But I’m fed up with people complaining about long records).

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