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Artist: Mlada Fronta
Title: Oxydes
Format: CD
Label: Parametric
Beginning with very sensual yet heavily electronic ambient "CO" quickly adds heavy Power Noise rhythms. Mlada Fronta combine an extremely intelligent mixture of ambient, illbient, and digital experimentation with harsh metallic power driven industrial noise rhythms. Imagine Converter meets Beefcake with maybe a touch of Robert Rich for good measure and some Orb-like experimentation. Gritty, grinding, thumping, buzzing, harmonic, textural, mechanical, and emotional all accurately describe this project. Mlada Fronta's unique combination of noise driven harmonic simulation can only accurately be catagorized as 'noisescapes'. Like eclectic electronic ambient artist Robert Rich, Mlada Fronta combines various harmonic and nearly ethereal textures to create dark and moody pieces with an horrific beauty of it's own. At the same time power driven rhythms similar to those used by bands like Converter keep the tempo steady and oftentimes creates a nearly trancelike pulsating throb. Beginning slowly but building tempo rapidly this album quickly takes you into rather uncharted musical territories, like exploring a dark cave for the first time not knowing what dangers or wonders may lurk inside this album is an adventure of it's own. The album title sets the theme as all the tracks (as you can see) are titled after various Oxide 'chemicals' maintaining this abstract theme the inlay and cover artwork is compiled of various very well produced photographs of magnified depictions of corroded metals which normally may seem base, harsh, or even ugly instead have been transformed into visions of beauty and wonder themselves. This album is best listened to from start to finish as the tracks are artfully constructed to neatly lay next to each other in perfect compliment. When taken 'out of context' some tracks may seem simply too harsh or difficult to listen to as a standalone piece but when melded with it's companions it all fits comfortably. The second disc is combrised of remixes and videos. The remixes tend to be more beat driven, ambient, and less noise oriented and in all honesty I'd have to listen to both discs much more to even recognize which mixes belong to which songs. The videos mostly give you a chance to check out what Mlada Fronta is like live - simply put this is basically like Industrial-PowerNoize-RaveCulture.

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