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Artist: Blackfilm (@)
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Spectraliquid (@)
Distributor: Tympanik Audio
Rated: *****
Second release for the Greek Spectraliquid-label and with BLACKFILM they like to present their first foreign act. This is a mysterious one-man music project whose protagonist likes to hide himself and stays away as much as possible from any photo. He presents a sort of cinematic Ambient/Electronica music with a dark environment. The chosen band name is a trademark and BLACKFILM can impress with moody atmospheres and ominous soundscapes. As for further ingredients, some orchestral-sounds as well as some well chosen voice samples get some inserts. The cover art, done by Kostas K. of SUBHEIM, shows some dark gray and rainy autumn-like landscapes which reflect excellent the attitude of this album. As for musically comparisons, names like SUBHEIM, FLAGUE and GRIDLOCK come to mind, but BLACKFILM scores also with a completely different rhythmic outfit. Some tracks here seem to be created by chance or at least the rhythm section offers a lot of improvisation and a real "live" feeling ("Come & See" or "Stalingrad", the latter nails the listener with a playing time of more than 10 minutes...). It isn’t that "lets-program-and-distort-an-Electro-drum-kit-attitude", and the tracks tend to drift in unforeseeable directions. Another favorite of the IDM/Electronica-related audience is "Sonar" with it easier-minded arrangements and lighter percussion work. An album with an impressive artistic background, which is far above your usual Electronica experience. It is well-thought arranged and demanding music in which the listener can’t sink in after only 1 – 2 spins. It requires a bit time, attention and dedication. Packaged in a beautiful digi-pack offering some of the best photo images by Kostas K, which compliments this excellent release.

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