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Title: Weiss
Format: CD
Label: The Eastern Front (@)
Rated: *****
WEISS is a split release which gathers Miel Noire (side project of Svarrogh's Dimo Dimov at its first official appearance after their first demo) and B-Machina. The first six tracks are Miel Noire ones and they are titled "Miel I" to "Miel VI". They sound totally different from Svarrogh and the project sounds like being Dimo's industrial/ambient/metal outlet. The track are based on melancholic melodies played using synthesizer pads where Dimo add industrial rhythmic parts, samples, treated vocals, distorted guitar and electronics. The tracks create a nice ambience and they sounds fresh enough to listen to them with interest. B-Machina aren't newcomers of the industrial ambient genre and on this release they deliver three new proper track spaced out by 13 title less short tracks containing few seconds of silence and placed between the second and the third track. The concept behind these short silence moments I think is contained into the title of the first track titled "The colour of my innocence", because when innocence is lost there's only an overwhelming silence left. Musically the tracks sound like distant industrial ambient noises where repetition is the main scheme. The third one, "Wald aus Stein & Rost", alternate industrial reverbered percussions with acoustic guitar phrasings. An interesting unconventional solution which made them be appreciated by the experimental/industrial lovers.

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