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Artist: Disharmony (@)
Title: Cloned - Other Side Of Evolution
Format: CD
Label: Tympanik Audio (@)
Distributor: Ant-Zen
Rated: *****
Yes, Slovakia’s export act Numero Uno, the highly talented duo of DISHARMONY does it again and spits out another marvelous release following a conceptual idea, which has been seldom released. Slowly it becomes a trademark, that once again the highly skilled Tympanik Audio label catches once again the complete curious audience for another 70 minutes + playing time of a demanding Dark Electronica sound-trip in front of the home entertainment. Right on, Lord Sauron and Ryby have decided to bring out this album through a different label, although the friend- and partnership between both labels is obviously. "Cloned – Other Side Of Evolution" is a sort of collection of remix works, but not in the usual sense. Very often bands give out remix kits to see and hear what different artists would like to create out of the original recordings. Those remixes get very compiled to release an alternative album or simply to fill some playing time on the next studio album. Seldom, unfortunately very seldom the remix contributions are able to fill in anything innovative, something what would add a different and valuable view on the already discovered original. The virus to collect as much as possible remix works no matter who’s providing that stuff, has become in parts ridiculous – it is mostly a sort of money-taking game especially with so-called "scene-leading" acts, which often like to bridge some "free" time between two studio albums. Well, nothing all of this boring procedure can be discovered on this new DISHARMONY album, since the basic concept represents the opposite of the normal above described kind. This album isn’t the collection of DISHARMONY’s original tracks remixed by multiple foreign acts – this album collects remix works done by DISHARMONY on other acts. Some of them may got released on the representative albums of these acts, while others surely collect dust in some undiscovered archives. Original tracks by among others POLYGON, Australia’s EMPTY, the French Electronica sensation FLINT GLASS, Brazil’s Harsh EBM act DEAD JUMP, or Germany’s MNEMONIC got revamped and manipulated by these Slovakian wizards and the result is nothing else than a once again quality Dark Electronica release by them. 12 different remix works, two new and unreleased tracks following the style of the last years’ album "Malignant Shields", plus a special mutual track with the German female act SARA NOXX, which I tend to rate as being the most exceptional work of this high-quality album are featured on "Cloned". Let’s move forward, I hope that the fine golden day will come for this duo, on which they’ll get rewarded for their quality efforts delivered since years.

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