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Artist: Earhate
Title: Planet Killer
Format: CD
Label: Smell the Stench (@)
Earhate is the project of Ryan O’Neill hailing from Alberta, Canada. Planet Killer is Earhate’s first CD-r release by Smell the Stench Records, but appears to be a small part of an extensive discography. Planet Killer is, as the CD insert so delicately puts it, a forty-four minute wall of noise.

"Wall" might not be the best way to describe this sound, but it is close. I believe a better description would include a layer of brittle sandpaper. The sounds here are relentless, low-end/bass-filled, analogue static. The main layer of the song dominates and remains constant throughout the entire forty-four minutes. There are more subtle, higher frequency changes happening constantly throughout this track, but the listener would need to be masochistic to hear these in detail; even in low volume my cochlea is crying out for help.

Earhate’s Planet Killer goes all out on the noise side of things. Planet Killer is formless, chaotic, spiteful, and intense. This is the sound that originally attracted me to noise, and still holds a strong place in my heart. This is definitely a release for the more devout of noise lovers.

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