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Title: Psychotic Einzelkind
Format: CD
Label: Blossoming Noise (@)
Active since 1989 Joke Lanz with Sudden Infant delivers his latest album which according to the Blossoming Noise label is his most musical one. Helped out by Bill Kouligas nad Christian Weber, Joke recorded eleven tracks in balance from experimental noise, free jazz, power electronic and industrial. The first thing that popped out immediately on the first tracks "Somniphobia", "Deep cuts" or "Tandoori chicken scooter III" is the violence that the three guys are able to deliver into four/five minutes tracks. Vocals are often distorted and produce an indefinable rant, percussive parts see metallic objects been raped as well as conventional rock instruments are used and abused. There's also space for a sort of alternative rock songs (a la Jesus Lizard) with "Beautiful tide" but most of the times melody don't last that long. The album has also three mixes of "Slomono" (Z'ev remix), "Tandoori chicken scooter III" (Lasse marhaug remix) and "Somniphobia" (Thurston Moore remix) which reflect the personality of the remixer but don't catch the anarchic sound of the original.

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