Music Reviews

Artist: Audiocum/Occulto Digital (@)
Title: Corrosion thrown Out
Format: CD
Label: Symbolic Prod (@)
Rated: *****
Corrosion Thrown Out is a dual effort between Audiocum and Occulto Digital on the label Symbolic Prod. Both artists, from what I can gather, hail from France. There are seven tracks on this release, 5 of them feature both Occulto Digital and Audiocum, and two tracks are exclusively Audiocum. Two of these tracks are live recordings.

To begin, Corrosion thrown out is as pure a noise release as you can find. This is a wall of pain from beginning to end: There is rarely a moment for calm or collection. The sound here is massive and violent, the bassy analogue crunches are in a constant struggle against shrill and shrieking feedback. Occasionally a rhythm pretends to find it’s way to the front, but is quickly overpowered and thrown away, a mere fraction of itself.

Audiocum and Occulto Digital are a good match. I don’t know enough about Occulto Digital to make any statements on their part, but the sounds here push what I am used to with Audiocum into very intense and damaging new territory. Anyone that is not a pure noise lover would probably compare this album to having a migraine surgically implanted behind one eye with rusty nails. To anyone that is a pure noise lover, well, they would probably enjoy that feeling.

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