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Title: Object
Format: CD
Label: eh? (@)
Rated: *****
Object: the name says a lot above all if you go to the back of the packaging and give a look to the instruments adopted for this recording, by the way if you don’t trust me just give a try to the sound as sentenced by Prevost: "No sound is innocent!". Arias, Frasconi and Uenishi play laptop, glass objects and bass balloon kit and their effort ends sounding not so far from many good electro-acoustical releases. Just one track for the sake of live performance, in this way they’ve not betrayed the original spirit of this live show, this long suite has it’s moments and stylistically offers a concert clearly divided in different sections thus don’t expect it to be a typical freaky, post-psychedelic linear continuum. In some way this also reminder the sound of Alessandro Buzzi, just less "jazzy" and not Prevost-influenced but if you’re into played objects and you appreciate him you will like them and vice versa. Well proportioned and really elegant, "Objects" becomes really interesting above all when drift ashore from dogmatic electro-acoustic music and embraces a more avant-garde contemporary scenario, while playing some glasses (or sort of) and that bass-balloon kit Frasconi and Aria have the luck to find some natural intersections in their communication, there the soloist is supported by his mates in a really discrete manner. Every voice is easily distinguishable, every movement is well developed till it reaches its natural declining and that’s good, sometimes you’d really like them to free them from the bondages of gradual ups and down or to quite their natural "shelter" to look for a more violent/sudden change, but there’s no doubt the improvisative edifice is well built on a solid framework.

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