Music Reviews

Artist: Shinto Records
Title: 2008 Artist Sampler
Format: CD
Label: Shinto Records (@)
Rated: *****
The new label, Shinto, introduce us their musical acts that's a melting pot on their roster. The compilation showcases and represent the indie electro-experimental, industrial and gothic scene. A stylish connection to dominate the music underground scene. With a line-up as varied, surely some of these bands will highly rise above the water. Who may be the possible candidates? Scarlet Slipping, Batzz in the Belfry, JasonAlacrity, and The Oedipus Complex. These artists are the secures the reputation in the face of the 21st Century. An indelible future for the artists and the label itself. Shinto lable bring talent and charisma to the table and to embrace the listeners with new comers who will be appreciated in due time.

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