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Artist: william c. harrington (@)
Title: noise noise
Format: CD
Label: urban electronic music (@)
Rated: *****
william c. harrington
Noise noise.

This disc is an adventurous journey back to a previous era of electronic musical thought, and this is a good thing. That being said, it provides some unexpected turns, some unpredictable and large gestures, with a variety of whimsical, electronic storytelling art.

As his bio denotes, Harrington has worked in the record industry for years, where he quote "amassed a sizable collection of electonic(sp) and avante-garde(sp) recordings before going on tour."

Fans of Tod Dockstader may rejoice early on, as track # 2 "KL" is right up that alley. A surprising selection for a second track on an album, this piece deserves its rightful place in the electroacoustic concert hall, perhaps on the same musical happening as a Zappa or early pastiche tape piece. Track #3, "Arps" is another inside job that starts abruptly but finds its rightful place in the listener's ear somewhat early on.

Track #5 is my choice pick. "Blast" is something of a schizophrenic unveiling of the artists inner mind. My vote, should the composer be reading this, is that this should have been track one. A bold comment but nevertheless one that is sincere, it's nice use of timbre- and while not easily ingested, Harrington is quite comfy doing his thing. He is very much at ease in his own skin. I would love to hear more of this type of material as in this writers opinion, it is his compositional wheelhouse.

Track #6 is my 2nd favorite, (perhaps eclipsing my initial response) as the most timbrally complex of the album. Never to be underestimated, Harrington does a nice job of ramping up to the closing track as as 'Wisp o' the Will' demands that the listener take a seat for the finale.
"noise noise'", the closing & title track, sneaks up - casting the listener down into the best seat of the house. Then the composer turns on the spotlights...Twice. Harrington delivers his final message in the form of a sonic onslaught but thanks to the lead in, it comes as a necessary relief.
This album is not for the average listener or newcomer, which is what draws me to it. While not definitive or groundbreaking, music lovers of outer perimeter listening will rejoice. --mv

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