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Artist: DEZEPTION (@)
Title: Human Eyes
Format: CD
Rated: *****
Self released on CD-R by the band and available also for free as free downloads on their website, HUMAN EYES is the debut album by Danish futurepop band DeZeption. The band originally formed in 2003 thanks to Jan B. Jensen and Claus L. Hansen and saw Kim B. Sommer join on early 2005. The aim of the band is clear since the opening song "Teach me": playing bright synthpop with nice melodies, upbeat tempos and interesting vocals. To my surprise the vocal style of some tune (like the opening "Teach me", a little bit "Sorry" and "The beginning"), recalled me The Danse Society and by looking at the age of the trio (40, 41 and 36) it could be that they have the same musical background I had. Anyway, despite the classic future pop sound production (it isn't a nice thing to have a classifiable sound) DeZeption are able to fill the CD of good tunes and at least four of them could be good singles. I suggest to you to download the album and if you like it support the band by purchasing the CD-R.

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