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Artist: Stray
Title: Abuse By Proxy
Format: CD
Label: alfa-matrix
Distributor: alfa- matrix
Rated: *****
We begin with Erica D's other project called " Stray " . The album is called " Abuse by Proxy" This is a free flowing electronic masterpiece that flows like the waves of the ocean to draw you in and put you back on shore when you have saturated yourself with its brilliance. We begin with Track one ~ " Kindred Soul which is a pretty, electronic piece that really grabs at your soul and is a piece that can be played on repeat. Erica sings, " You are beautiful as I define, flawless and perfect in my mind. " I really liked this piece for it's wit and its true sentiment it stood for. We Progress to Track three ~ " Fade into You." which is a ethereal, peaceful track that raises the senses and curves the stimuli. Erica sings, " Fade into You " This track does not contain lyrics on the album sleeve but proved to be the most memorable piece to me and truly is now a favourite. Track five ~ "Intoxicate" really woke me up from my ethereal rest. This track is uplifting and pure electronic genius. It could possibly be a danse floor hit and one that will take our music charts by storm. Erica sings, "You won't let me fall repeatedly." I got up to danse in my tracks right when I heard the beat. Next is Track six ~ that just could be a soundscape soundtrack to a movie. It is hypnotic and moving and leads us to a climax of pure energy. Classic Track eight is " Does it really matter?" which is a big hit on this album and I have heard it all over, especially on other peoples myspace music profiles. I really like Erica's voice and I believe these are lyrics to be remembered by and repeated to the one that hurt us. Erica sings, " Does it really matter anymore." " You never cared, you never will, cease to love and seas of hate, I bear the cross of years of pain. " This song kicks ass and truly everyone can relate to this. As i listened to the rest of the album , I got the impression of listening to this along the shore of a dark ocean, being alone and being nostalgic about past loves and the like. This album is worth owning in your cd collection for the true Unter Null fan and the true experimental, soundscape artist connoisseur. Stray into stray and find yourself ~ 4 stars ~ Michelle Russo

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