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Artist: Xkollective (@)
Title: Electric Flowers
Format: CD
Label: FlexiTrax (@)
Rated: *****
Xcollective is a very hip group of talented musicians who merge chilled electronica with world music influences and urban attitude. With six members from different parts of the world and so many backgrounds converging into one, this album pretty much had to come out of NY or London and to be honest when I read it was the latter it all seemed to make perfect sense (especially because of the heavy Indian contributions). This is the perfect soundtrack to the pulse of the city of London, borrowing and remashing (Ableton and Pro Tools) breaks, tablas performances, hypnotic loops, dubby bass lines and delays and both male and female spoken word and sung vocals, ranging in style from the drum'n'bass-type MCing and urban cityscape hip hop to soulful black singing. This is a great example of global downtempo music with organic sounds over a bed of relaxing programmed music: positive-thinking, happy, relaxing and at times funky!
If I had to pick this apart I'd say that it sounds like this squad is still searching for the ultimate balance of elements and that "Electric Flowers" lacks a little bit of congruency, but whether this is a debut or not (I don't know), it's already a pretty mature record and I am sure the next one will be even more on point.

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