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Artist: Chaoticum
Title: Psybersects
Format: CD
Label: SkullLine (@)
Distributor: SkullLine
Rated: *****
A new signing and addition to the SkullLine roster hailing out of the United States. And as usual for SkullLine also CHAOTICUM can’t be thrown simply into one specific style, because they play a sort of Experimental music, which integrates excerpts out of different music styles between Ambient, Psychedelic, Classic and mid-80ies Electronica. Not that usual form of a static Ambient droning sound outfit, here’s action through additional drum programmings placed over the improvisational sound sculptures. Some fragmented vocals are joining the scenario here and there, too ("Caress", or even more ominous on "From Now Unto Eternity"). The spooky "Occultique", which can be also be heard on the SkullLine compilation "Bewein Dein Mädel" is featured as well and seems to be one of the favorites on here. Quite diverse interpreted, although it is favorable that the above mentioned different styles are in your vein, so that someone can be impressed with this musically excursion. Strictly limited release to only 69 exemplars, you’ve got to hurry up to pick it up directly from SkullLine.

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