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Artist: TZOLK\'IN (@)
Title: Haab\'
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Ant-Zen (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
There seems to be some intellectual background behind this project, since the term "Tzolk’in" shall describe the mesoamerican 260-days calendar of the Maya civilization. However, what counts is the music, and the project TZOLK’IN can refer the band members of the Belgian EMPUSAE and the French FLINT GLASS to its roster. So this new and second TZOLK’IN full-length album after a debut signed to Dive Comedy, isn’t that sort of your usual Ant-Zen release. It comes out lesser distorted and it rather concentrates to perform with several percussion layers and a decent Ambient/Electronica mood – somehow a release which would fit with the latest efforts of the rising Tympanik Audio label. Even if this music and the existence of this mutual project draws its inspiration out the doomed and gone Maya civilization, the result is a rather brooding and Sci-Fi-related outfit, but with an amazing doze of creativity included. And even if the melodic content is easy-listening minded ("Muwan"), the music of these talented artists is sort of an epic outfit. Some really fine tunes asides the usual noise therapy, and another safe 4-stars rating for Ant-Zen.

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