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Artist: Waves Under Water (@)
Title: Winter Garden
Format: CD EP
Rated: *****
Stockholm, Sweden own Waves Under Water (formerly known as Hopscotch) gives us an ep containing of four beautiful tracks that's made to played in the time of autumn and winter. The songs are delivered in a darkwave and electronic form. Vocalist, Angelica Segerback, sings with an enchanting and mellow feel. Like a mother singing a lullaby to her baby to sleep. Johan Svardshammar handles the songwriting and instruments playing. All four tracks are emotionally bliss out with a haunting and powerful melodies. Lush synths layers and electro beats with bass and guitar used in the compositions as well. Johan plays the bass with an sickle. Precisely it can be done. We all have seen Jimmy Page played the guitar with an cello and violin bow. It takes a genius to think of something to combine something that may not make any sense to a person. Perfectly, the tracks are a club and dance waltz in a formal feel of romanticism. We are awash in a bright atmosphere and mind state by the cause of nature, dreams, religion and emotions. The "Winter Garden" ep brush out a snowy and cold landscape. Credit the Swedish duo for showing interest in their hard work to entice the listeners. Remarkably soothing, touching, consistent exploration of modern life. Waves Under Water is the next big thing in the gothic and electronic movement.

Track Listings:

1. Winter Garden
2. Thirsty
3. My Cup
4. I Am The Ocean

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