Music Reviews

Artist: Disharmony (@)
Title: Cloned: Otherside of Evolution
Format: CD
Label: Tympanik Audio (@)
Rated: *****
Disharmony’s latest release "Cloned: Other Side of Evolution" is a collection of the Slovak industrial/EBM project’s best remixes that span from dark wave pop to militaristic power industrial. The collection starts off strong with a haunting remix of Polygon’s "Idealism," which is immediately followed by a powerful version of Grandchaos’s "Mutant X," which sounds like the evil love child of Frontline Assembly and Laibach. The remainder of the collection contains remixes that span a variety of speed and styles. However, the element that links them together into a cohesive whole are Disharmony’s use of subtle dark atmospheric synths parts that provide an evocative backbone to music that would otherwise be very cold and clinical. This is evident on the original track "Nautilus" and the remix of DeaDJump’s "Immortal," which is disturbingly touching and sounds more like :Wumpscut: than :Wumpscut: does (if that makes any sense). This is indeed the strength of Disharmony’s remixing abilities as the songs being remixed sound close enough the original version to be recognizeable while sounding very much like Disharmony’s original work.

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