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Artist: Pneumatic Detach (@)
Title: Ko-Mor-Bid
Format: CD
Label: Tympanik Audio (@)
Rated: *****
Pneumatic Deatch’s latest release "Ko-Mor-Bid" offers a relentless onslaught of fast paced industrial rhythms and machine like synth leads that is sure to blow away everything else of the dance floor. When listening to this album I am reminded of the stories of a young Richard D. James creating 200 bpm plus tracks to tire out dancers at raves, as "Ko-Mor-Bid" is the industrial/EBM successor to this tradition of messing with dancers as some of the cuts on this album are impossibly fast and distorted. What’s great about this album is that the rhythm tracks are not repetitive like so many albums of this type, as the drum tracks for most of the songs dispense with the standard 4/4 techno groove and utilize a variety of timings and changes that keep things interesting throughout. Moreover, all of the tracks on the album flow seamlessly into one another which give the album a tight delivery. Some of these fast paced tracks include "How You Forget" "Grinderscraper" and the album’s closer "Automatic Nation," which makes Ministry’s "Twitch (Version III) sound like the Carpenters. Overall, Pneumatic Detach’s latest offering is a high powered fast paced attack that is great for working out, venting some anger, or tearing up the dance floor at your local club’s industrial night.

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