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Artist: Claudio Rocchetti (@)
Title: Another piece of teenage wildlife
Format: CD
Label: Die Schachtel
Rated: *****
Here we go with some of the few italians experimental heros who's title is deserved, abroad he's probably mostly known for his work in the ranks of 3/4 Had Been Eliminated but his solo discography is getting quite conspicuous and I highly recommend you to give him your ears. If, like me, you're not new to the work of this experimental artist, then you've to be aware this full length brings forth some interesting innovation in the stile of this Berlin located musician. This time Rocchetti went for an explicitly melodic output which is more than a surprise since his solo releases so far were ranging from "music concrete" to experimental-post-industrial/arty electronics the way you love it, 'cause you can bet despite the overabundance of experimental musicians he had/has his own style. Don't worry, you'll listen to some of these cold well developed grey electronic paintings you're used to with this guy, but you won't believe you ears when he's surrendering to an outspoken emotional side that creates a flower bed to lull some female vocals. Another interesting new element is the fact he's introduced some guitars both played by him and by some guest, no surprises anyway since as he clears it out the guy has a punk-hardcore background. The record fits perfectly in the latest catalogue of Die Schachtel, a label that in someway has produced mostly 3/4 Had Been Eliminated, Bowindo, Hapna crew and related, which in some way may give you a little hint about the melodic, soft but "still not for everybody" atmosphere of the record. Soft droning and simple guitar scrossed randomly by some hi/low-fi sounds which at this point can be easily considered part of his own personal arsenal. Some songs last for a short lapse of time some other tracks creates that typical "in trance as mission" feeling you've been loving in Ambarchi, Roden, Labelle and who knows who else. The guest have surely enriched the recording, but is still Rocchetti who's pulling the strings so if you loved his recordings so far, well, go for it. The title says a lot..."the spirit lives on" despite the coming of age.

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