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Jun 16 2008
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Artist: Flint Glass
Title: Circumsounds
Format: CD
Label: Tympanik Audio (@)
Rated: *****
Flint Glass’s latest limited edition release "Circumsounds" is a collection of remixes that Glass has done for various artists. However, what makes this collection unique is that it is not a haphazardly thrown together collection of remixes that is all over the place in style and quality (e.g. Twenty-Six Mixes for Cash). But rather, the remixes were carefully selected to have the thematic flow of an album of original material. The overall sound of "Circumsounds" is instrumental dark electronica that blends elements of EBM, IDM, drum and bass, and a hint of glitch. What’s impressive about the album (and also seems to be a trend in most Tympanik Audio releases) is the rather organic sound that it develops through its use of synthesizers and samples, which works to create a vibe that is more fluid and not as cold and sterile as a lot of modern industrial tends to be. The only complaint that I would have with "Circumsounds" is that it is too good at what does, in that while all of the remixes work together in a very cohesive manner, it does at times cause the album to sound a bit repetitive. While the album as a whole is rather fast paced, the standout tracks of the collection are the more mellow cuts such as HIV+’s "Havoc2027" and Tzolk’in’s "Zots." However, it must be noted that Glass’s remix for OTX’s "Blood for Oil" is definitely destined to be a club classic.

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