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Title: Never The Same
Format: 7"
Label: Pulsewave Records (@)
Maybe you remember the review I did of Mourning After's MCD (they were a cool synthpop bands coming from Sweden). This release is a posthumous limited to four hundred 7" which contains two remixes of "Never The Same", a track coming from that MCD. The first one "Club Mix By Thomas Skyldeberg" is a melodic techno remix which contains all the elements of that genre (you know, the changing LFOs, the speeding up snare drum, and the 4/4 bass drum) and for this reason is nice but it isn't my cup of tea. The second version, "Never Remixed by Notch", is always club friendly but it's more intriguing with its distorted pauses which break the rhythm, creating in this way a crawling tension. This single seems to be the first one of a serie of The Mourning After's remixes. Strange operation for a band that did a good job but only a four tracks single...

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