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Artist: NOCTIS NULL (@)
Title: End Times EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: TriTech Records (@)
Rated: *****
Life seems to be hard in United Kingdom, because Harsh EBM/Hellectro has seldom received any wider recognition in the land of chips and fish. Since we have recently changed some of our policies and submission guide-lines, I come finally on the review of this first release of the new UK-based label TriTech Records. Initially planned to be released as a physically CDEP, I quite doubt that this one is or will ever be available as a hard copy. Available as a download through the website of the label and of course through some legal and known downloading portals. "End Times" is an 8-track debut release for this one-man project consisting of Tony, who acts under his pseudonym [Valtiel]. As I could read at an online info sheet, the music is that sort of your typically daily doze of Harsh EBM/Hellectro music, very much in the known paths, which have been walked before by acts like DAWN OF ASHES or TACTICAL SEKT. Surely not at all the re-invention of the bulb, NOCTIS NULL leave especially on the fast-forward moving tracks like "New Dawn" and "Hands Of The Creator" the wish for a more authentic and personally style. 4 own tracks in a similar style with the one exception, the track "End Times" starts with an ominous dark instrumental intro filled with menacing female screams, until the beat invades – surely that one track to push NOCTIS NULL above the average. 4 additional remix works mostly done by label comrades and friends acts are complimenting this generally satisfying debut, on which some appearances have interesting alternative interpretations to offer. CEDIGEST for example give NOCTIS NULL a lecture with a more efficient remix on "New Dawn" – it happens seldom that a remix can match the original by miles. Besides CEDIGEST also SELLAFIELD are hailing out of the same label stable, while they turning "Hands Of The Creator" into a rhythmically Powernoise track. At least diversity is included thanks to the good remix contributions, also the additional works of REZUMAKI and NOISE PROGRAM are worth to check out. As I said, quite okay for a debut while the end of the rope isn’t reached. Let’s watch out for more activities of this British label, since their MySpace account,, announces some promising new additions to the roster.

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