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Artist: TRONUS ABYSS (@)
Title: Kampf
Format: CD
Label: ATMF (@)
Rated: *****
Reissued in a luxury 16 pages high quality digi-book, with 2 bonus tracks "Tema del destino" and "Mabuse MK.I", "Kampf" is finally back available. Tronus Abyss history has started in the '94 as an active part of the Black Metal scene but lately become something out of any easy classification. Being praised by the underground scene for their two previous releases containing a blend of medieval sounds mixed with Black Metal, the Italian trio developed their music and pushed it towards more electronic- and ambient-oriented territories. They’ve always been considered a serious, cult band in the so-called extreme scene. The members have always been seriously involved in esoteric and cultural background activities, sometimes disturbing to the most due to their flirting with extreme traditional right-wing topics (not political, but mostly related with Traditional esoteric philosophies and philosophers - Evola, Guénon, Codreanu, etc.) in lyrics and aesthetics. Musically, after four years from the release date, is still personal and innovative, not only black metal but also electro-folk, ambient and industrial moods, crossing the border of a genre. Bombastic sounds are being blended together with dark electronic, distorted and acoustic guitar, whispering/spoken word, and gothic sounds. The first two songs 'Kampf' and 'Mabuse' give a good presentation of the atmosphere throughout the album; dark, depressive, and most of the time threatening. The third song, "L’eredità del cinghiale" is again very folk & medieval sounding with epic spoken vocals and some grand keyboards. The fourth song, "Funeral" is where things start to get very odd. This is more of a dark ambient/electronic song with peculiarly spoken robotic like vocals. From here on we keep seeing the band exploring and incorporating these various influences into the rest of the songs. The tracks 'Sth.492', and 'Epilogo' make a welcome distraction from the harshness throughout this album and can be regarded as distorted piano/organ pieces. Later on the track list there’s a fragment which seems to be an excerpt from some sort of propaganda film. In addition to this I can’t forget mentioning the track number 9 which has already earlier appeared on a compilation dedicated to Burzum. This song is called "Moti Ragnarokum" and was originally performed by Varg Vikernes on "Daudi Baldrs" album.
Additional compliments for the artwork of the digi-pack which displays fitting images with the coldness presented on this album.

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