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Title: Shadow Of Memory
Format: CD
Label: Thonar Records (@)
Rated: *****
Born in 2006, Abadoned Place is a dark ambient project headed by Romain Lemenorel (the same guy who's behind March Of Heroes) and SHADOW OF MEMORY is his debut album under this moniker. Presenting eight untitled tracks or eight movements of the SHADOW OF MEMORY suite, Romain created one hour long cinematic album where the main theme, by looking at the album's art and pictures, seems to be concerning the abandoned houses and the memories which like haunted souls are chained to those places. Reverbered noises, synths and violins are the main instruments used. The atmosphere created is working well although the sound construction doesn't change too much as it is focused on the effect/ambience created. The album has been mastered by Frederic Arbour of Cyclic Law.

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