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Artist: AXONE (@)
Title: Casus Belli
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: Somnambulant Corpse (@)
Somnambulant Corpse/Death Aesthetics has been putting out some quality cd-r's and 3" cd-r's by newborn or more known projects, like Tugend, Bestia Centauri, Dead Reaven's Choir and Survival Unit, plus a good tribute compilation to H. P. Lovecraft. Axone's debut 3" ep (3 tracks, 19') is topped by this sentence: "Self-directed evolution is within our collective power. All that stands in our way is an obsolete ideology". "Manifest Destiny" is an ecstatic drone with manipulated vocal and instrumental (orchestral or hymn-like, I'd say) samples; quite ambient sounding and, much unlike the rest of the ep, even peaceful. "Psychogenetic Terror" changes the whole atmosphere with dark industrial thuds and clankings, a heavy distorted drone close to death industrial fields, sparse noises and even crickets (!) in the ending. "Casus Belli", my favourite track, merges a gloomy synth drone with death industrial rhythms, plus a menacing low-pitched voice; sort of a cross between Allerseelen and Brighter Dead Now. Good stuff for an ep, I'd like to hear him on a longer run.

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