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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Echoes From Our Past
Format: 12"
Label: Anna Logue Records (@)
Rated: *****
Here we are after the label special I did seven months ago and after my Monuments review, talking again about Anna Logue Records releases. This time we have their first compilation on our hands. ECHOES FROM OUR PAST is a vinyl LP+7" gathering thirteen worldwide bands/songs coming from the 1979/1984 period. The track list opens and ends with two Hero Wouters projects (see also my review of " Muziek voor Leven en Dood", his compilation LP released by Enfant Terrible): Dada Di Musica ("Flat flat" is a great minimal pop song) and The Two ("Love Is Not Enough - Demo" is a particular mix of atmospheres a la Vangelis and an electro pop tune). Geff Walton with "Danger boy" is bringing us an mid tempo synthpop song with a nice refrain. Boys Du Severe were coming from Canada and were participating to the Neoism/Monty Catsin circuit and their "Mondmädchen" sounds mysterious without losing attention to the melody. From Australia, Informatics and the project of their singer, Valek, are next with "Shed Your Skin" and "I, Foreign Eye". The first ones sound less poppy and more aggressive paragoned to what listened before and their tune is dark and catchy at the same time. Valek, instead, is more particular as he sounds like influenced by new wave and D.A.F. Bernd Kunze, from Germany, is on this compilation by "accident" (words by Marc, label's owner) and his "Own World" is a rhythm less introspective song with two synth lines and his voice. From the U.S. we have The Higher Primates that with "After image" are exploring the thrilling possibilities of electronic music composing a slow scary pop tune. The Canadian band Vex are here with a track recorded back in 1979: "DNA" sounds a little punk/wave and with guitars and drums we have a synth performing interesting solos. Invisible Zoo are here with "How can I be sure", an energetic pop song with driving guitar lines and light synthpop melodies. The American solo project Solitaire is bringing his despair into sound with a catchy dark electropop tune: "After dark". Gilded Youth from Australia (band which had a Second Glance member on their line up) are here with "Please Don't Kiss", a new-wave synth melancholic song. The Perfect Jewish Couple, from the U.S., present here a song coming from their self-released CD titled "Nuclear Blues", a song that has electronics, particular violin solos and a wave voice. Wow... I'm done and I suggest you to get your copy in a hurry, because only 400 copies are available for you.

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