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Title: the Massacre of the Egos
Format: CD
Label: Extreme (@)
Rated: *****
"It all started with a contemporary-classic piano intro... " this could have been the incipit of a book, but it’s the intro of the first track instead and it’s the debut of what we can without doubt define as an all star band featuring Paul Grabowsky (piano), Scott Tinkler (trupet), John Rodgers (violin), Philip Rex (double bass) and Ken Edie (drums). The opening song of this release is good but I think it’s nothing but a morsel if compared to the richer banquet following: in the middle of the tracklist they’re gonna cook such a delicious dinner you will hardly forget the taste. After the fourth or fifth listening I’ve to admit this’ probably of the few real "free" releases I’ve heard in ages, with this I mean this’ far from the last and useless reinterpretation of Ornette Coleman with all those prepackaged intersections, in "the Massacre of the Egos" the Collective took that original idea and turned it into something else. While the opening "scrawl" still presents some physical jazz splinters in-between dissonance and abstraction, the crew crosses the border with the second episode and never makes it back home. After the initial display of muscular power The Antripodean Collective gets rarefied and in some episodes embraces what in painting would be pointillism, differently from the average electro-acoustic combo they don’t stop at the door of technical dogmas of a genre and the instrumental dialogue at some point becomes really intense ("The need to have the last say"). Don’t worry if you think you’ve already seen all of the colors you’re wrong, that’s why in "Conference of the Baboons" they can compete fearlessly with the best team-works of Painkiller, despite the different global background, the Collective is only more relaxed, less distorted but in someway they’re not that far. If according to Ken Vandermark when speaking about Marsalis, it’s true that someone has institutionalized jazz turning it into wallpaper music, I guess this ship flies the jolly roger.

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