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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: The Best Of Polish Smooth Jazz... Ever!
Format: CD
Label: Recycling Records (@)
Rated: *****
Recycling Records with THE BEST OF POLISH SMOOTH JAZZ... EVER! succeed into making a fresh hoax which actually doesn't sound like a joke. Presented as the best of Polish music (you can see different bands and singers on the CD cover) the album contains experimental electronic cut-ups of Polish music performed by unknown people. This sort of operation remember me what Negativland did (do you remember the sue they received by U2 for using one of their songs?): the original tunes are raped, reduced to the bone and like a phoenix they are able to born to a new life. Probably a better one judging by the photos of the original performers. Musically the tracks have a structure and a sense, for sure they do sound experimental but not too much compared to id.m. music. Maybe they are more accessible and fresh compared to some i.d.m. release. Loops and samples are creatively irreverent but they do sound great! If you want to try it, the album is also available as free download directly from the label's website thanks to their choice to embrace the Creative Commons rights. Unfortunately you won't be able to see the video of the AjB.M. track (which is only available on its integrity there) which has been created following the same technique used for the tracks: cut-ups of the video of the original song re-worked with porn inserts of what I think could be a "stolen video" of the female singer of the original band.

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