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Artist: Kadaver (@)
Title: Running with Scissors
Format: CD
Label: SkullLine (@)
Distributor: SkullLine
Rated: *****
The label release output of Germany’s mail order specialist when it comes to purchase rarities out of the rather experimental music styles, the Augsburg-based SkullLine, has grown during the last few months enormously. It seems that there must be an audience which purchases the mostly strictly limited releases, which all get released in special art and packages. A new addition to the stable is KADARVER, a project cosisting out of the Israel-based musician Michael Zolotov.
The presented music is a sort of Harsh Noise and Power-Electronics, some rminiscences to some Cold Meat-Industry works and to some Japanese Noise-artists like MASONNA for example seem to be intended. This album offers 9 tracks and 45 minutes of torturing and static noise, rhythmically insertions got mostly left out. It’s a bit hard to find in between the walls of noise something like a corsage which could press and integrate a sort of structure into this uncontrollable Noise chaos. A release only designed for supporters of the purest noise assaults and nothing at all for the fainthearted.

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