Music Reviews

Artist: Objekt 4
Title: Shades Of Night
Format: CD
Label: Bugs Crawling Out Of People (@)
Distributor: ant-zen
Rated: *****
A new release by this known Ambient-artist, which at least got released under the collaboration of the 4 different labels Sabbathid Records, Basilisk Productions, Regimental Records and Bugs Crawling Out Of People. Since Bugs Crawling did mail out this promotional item I therefore like to refer on their contact to purchase this item – which is a strange one for the normally-diving-into-the-harsh-Powernoise-genre related Bugs Crawling-label. OBJEKT 4 creates musically ambience with cinematic and static layer sounds, several field recording elements and sounds of the daily life. 5 tracks are on here, which at least come on more than 53 minutes playing time, this documents the length of each track. "Spirits Of Soil And Sea" is available in two different versions. You’ll get the fog horns of a far away based ship, while the birds, winds and the usual sound of a natural field recording creates an own melody. Well, this is stuff for people who like to sink in and who are able to switch off all stress and hectic which comes in all days. Quite to Experimental-minded, I’ll miss some toughness and a break out of the endless repetitions

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