Music Reviews

Title: regen
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
Somewhere else in a different context, somebody was speaking about the "voice of the voiceless", well here It Is, a vivid example of this voice. Kimmig (violin) and Schiller (spinet) are fully immersed in the electro-acoustic thing which is the best quality and also a small limit of this release. It start very silently and later on it opens to what I really meant with the "voice of the voiceless" sentence, as you can hear the musicians let the wood of their instruments speak. It doesn't imply the don't strike/bow strings since they do it, but above all in some parts of the release they prevent strings and anything else to sound as we're used to hear it. The two players here give priority to scratching their instruments, there they play some really fast incursion (above all Kimmig), they inentionally start to engulf to avoid falling in what they probably consider a predictable solution. Not exactly crippled, what you may fin in this music goes from a short stab to an intangible presence where they are incredibly retained, anyhow, it's also true that after the first half of the time length, play something that sounds really classic contemporary music, it has to do with the solutions adopted by the players during their many intersections. As said this cd is on the edge between free-improvisation and and contemporary composition If that's your cup of tea you'll drink it easily.

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