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Artist: Dahlia's Tear (@)
Title: Under Seven Skies
Format: CD
Label: Thonar Records (@)
Distributor: Mono Culture
Rated: *****
The title of the third album for this Swedish Dark Ambient act seems to be program, because 7 tracks are featured on here. DAHLIA’S TEAR offer a new album full of static, down-tempo and experimental layers, long stretched guitar riffs even accomplishing the ominous sounding mood. The music itself can be called epic, because the layers vary a lot but always with a filling attitude. A soundtrack and filmic-like sound outfit with some brilliant inserted ideas, but also quite demanding to the listener. Rhythmic elements are rather subtle featured here, the music rather convinces through its breeding mood. But just if you think that the music builds wall of sound without any real target, you’ll recognize here and there that sort of a repetitive theme, a kind of a refrain, which definitely polishes the whole tracks. DAHLIA’S TEAR have definitely created a very own and authentic sounding kind of work, which I definitely like to recommend to check out. But please make sure to invest a lot of time for this, because this album requires it. No cloud disturbs the being "Under Seven Skies".

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