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Title: self-titled
Format: CD
Label: Rump (@)
Rated: *****
Hey this month I happen to review a bunch of really bizzare projects/releases, this time it's the turn of this band coming from Danmark. It's basically soft, childish music with something strange, they use a lot of percussive melodic elements as marimbas and glockenspiels but don't be too quick to judge after just a track thinking this' probably near to Pylon or some other freaky band, sure it's freaky but what about the second folk sketch sung with the help o a bunch of little kids?!...they keep alternating these tracks reminding me Animal Collective meets Un caddie renversé dans l'herbe teaming up to write a bunch of unconventional melodic freaky folk tunes. The cocktail of tracks is quite unusual and sometimes I've had an hard time trying to give a sense to all the elements but it's really well done and it's also explicit the fact the result is really close to what they probably had in mind. Freaky jams, melodic childish music mixed with psychedelic pop elements and a good production that puts together really well things that otherwise would be really far one from the other. If I could had the chance I'd put them and Miss Massive Snowflake on the same tour bus and promote them as the most unconventional mix of post-folk, Beck, melodic elements and a disturbed childish psychology.

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