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Artist: SONNE HAGAL (@)
Title: Jordansfrost
Format: CD
Label: Luftschutz Entertainment
Distributor: Tesco Distribution
Rated: *****
Three years after the "Nidar" mini album (which contained the beautiful "The Three Ravens") Sonne Hagal is back with a new full length titled JORDANSFROST. For the creation of what is a masterpiece (once you'll listen to it you'll agree with me) Andreas has been helped out by many friends of the neo-folk scene. Of The Wand And The Moon (Kim Larsen), In Gowan Ring (B'eirth), Waldteufel (Marjus Wilff and Tyrsson), Ernte (Will I and Rose, the same people who years ago run the Cthulhu Records label), Lux Interna (Joshua and Kathryn), Darkwood (Henryk Vogel), Black Sun Productions (Pierce), Sonnentau (Andreas Arndt), 44 Martyn, Daniel Busch and Unto Ashes (Michel Laird) gave their contribute on vocals, accordion, flute, trumpet, violin, keyboards and composition creating a choral work full of phatos. A work which definitely sounds Sonne Hagal despite the many people who worked at it. Also the three covers available are the result of a collaboration, because they have been painted by Fabrice of Divine Comedy Records. JORDANSFROST (which indicate the alternation of light and darkness extended to all the possible meanings: seasons alternation as well as the birth/death cycle) contains twelve acoustic songs which are inspired by Northern mysteries and which lyrically use rediscovered poems as well as original lyrics (some are written in English and the remaining ones in German language). The overall atmosphere is enchanting and it's really different from the previous debut album "Helfahrt" because on JORDANSFROST we have joyful tracks as well as dark moments which sound like they are born to be "carved in stones". Here the tracks are something more than evocative acoustic ballads and this result has been reached thanks to all the people involved: playing a snare drum here and a trumpet there they helped giving life to twelve gems creating convincing arrangements which is making sound each song fresh and inspired.

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