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Title: Gaseous Opal Orbs
Format: CD
Label: Record Label Records (@)
Rated: *****
This' the second release by Robert Martin aka Fluorescent Grey I review and it confirms all the good things I've been thinking at the time I've heard his previous work. This electronic musician joins some nice post-IDM reminiscences with some experimental-electronic attitude therefore it's easy to speak about some of the most cryptic, odd Afx, Autechre and maybe Lfo with less melody and with a dark electronic attitude. Let's say if this label is gonna have Mick Harris in their catalogue as I've read, I'm sure the taste of his forthcoming work for them won't go that far from some of the darkest moments of this cd (the first track for example). Fluorescent Grey kept his rhythmic skill and hasn't hidden his "acid" aftertaste, the fact is he's refined his working on abstract tracks and at the same time when surrendering to melody he's put some narcotic dub radiations. Martin has an odd sense for melodies which means the music is not that easy listening-electronics alike and here's where he probably in some way he's closer to Mick Harris "Logghi Barogghi"-era. Dissecting the track-list you'll find the music becomes more melodic when you're arriving to the end of the cd but the strangest things of all is a really melodic song that due to the flutes reminded me of that Marxmen anthem sung by Sinead O'Connors titled "Ship ahoy". I think Fluorescent Grey has improved his compositional process but hasn't changed his physiognomy therefore if you liked his first full-length your expectations won't be deluded. Good recording and well shaped production that crystallizes all the particulars of the music assembled by Bobby Martin, he probably has to work a bit on the atmosphere of the tracks but if you're into rhythmic electronics, post-drum and bass music take for granted this guy plays in the major league.

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